z-Tree Example Treatments

Here I provide some z-Tree treatment files which might be useful for you. You are free to use and distribute them withouth any notice(Open-Source spirit!). However letting me know in case, you probably would make my day.

Please note that although these files are tested, it is possible that they might contain or lead to some bugs depending on your z-Tree version and environments you use.So please use them at your own risk.

Single-Switched Decisions

A minimal working example of an interface that forces subjects to have single switched choices. This particular type of interface is useful for the queries where some of the choices implies the other choices such as Holt-Laury risk aversion scales, willingness to pay measurments, and some other experimental designs which use Becker–DeGroot–Marschak (BDM) mechanism. In our example when the subject responds "Yes" for buying a good for a price, then the radiobuttons for lower prices automaticly switches to "YES". Similarly if the subject responds "No" for a price then the the choices for higher prices automaticly switches to "No".
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Image counter

Demonstrates how to create a graphic counter, using multimedia box and later repeat commands.
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This treatment file is available on z-Tree Contributed Example Treatments page.

Animated die roller

A minimal working example of a die with a basic animation of changing sides of a die, using while command and plots
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