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Evolution of Conditional Strategies in Asynchronous Prisoners Dilemma (with L. Andreozzi and M.Ploner)


We aim to investigate the evolution of simple conditional response strategies in a cooperative environment. We start by defining properties of response function types in a general theoretical framework. Then we analyze the evolutionary stability of response strategies in a mixed population by using simulations based on an extended repeated prisoners dilemma game. Aligned with game theoretical literature our results confirm that the pure selfish type is likely to dominate the population when the discount factor is sufficiently low while two distinct conditional cooperator types are most likely types to survive when repetition probability is sufficiently high. However, our result show that, being a counter intuitive strategy, a particular hump-shaped response strategy is the most successful conditional strategy in the population for some mediate values of discount factor. Our result provide an intuition to explain the consistent existence of hump shaped responses obvesred in several experimental studies.
Keywords: evolution, cooperation, reciprocity, conditional cooperation
JEL Classification: C72; C73
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Reciprocity in Dictator Games: an Experimental Investigation (with L. Andreozzi and M.Faillo)

Generating Root Profiles: Selective Elimination from Normalized Composition Vectors


A root profile set is a set of preference profiles which contains a single member from each Anonymous and Neutral Equivalence Classes. Working with these profiles is often sufficient for analyses regarding social choice rules which satisfy anonymity and neutrality properties. We define a set of profiles we call Normalized Preference Set (NCV's) which and we show that there is one and only one root set covered by it. By using this result, we propose a procedure to eliminate multiple elements from each ANEC which provides a root profile set in a more efficient way.
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*The function "allVL1" used to create all permutations with sum criteria is downloaded from Mathworks file exchange . Credits to Bruno Luong.

I have also a small function library which includes Borda, Condorcet, Kemeny and Plurality SCF's, Kemeny distance calculator, and a generation function of all posible strict preference profiles. Download MATLAB files

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Laboratuvar Deneyleri: Metodolojik Bir Giriş (Lab Experiments: A Methodological Introduction) - Book Chapter (Turkish)

Published in: İktisatta Davranışsal Yaklaşımlar. Eds. D.Dumludağ,Ö.Gökdemir, L. Neyse, E. Ruben. İmge Kitabevi Yayınları. ISBN-978-975-533
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Penguenler Devrim Mi Yapıyor?: Açık-kaynak üretim modeli üzerine - Web Article (Turkish)

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İktisatta Laboratuvar Deneyleri (Lab Experiments in Economics) - Magazine Article (Turkish)

İktisat ve Toplum, Ağustos 2015, Yıl:5, Sayı: 58
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